I am a fully qualified professional piano tuner technician offering piano tuning, repair, maintenance and restoration, working principally in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Other areas are possible upon arrangement.


A good piano is an investment worth looking after and keeping your piano in tune will maintain your investment. The moving parts of a piano are affected by changes in the weather. In a four season climate it would be advisable to have the piano tuned with each change of season, however, most people feel that two tunings a year (once every 6 months) are sufficient for a piano in the home environment.

When I am booked to tune a piano I also make sure that the instrument is working at its optimum capability. Any necessary minor repairs are included in the tuning fee and undertaken as part of the tuning appointment. Any major repairs or adjustments will be discussed and an estimate quoted.


Minor repairs include:

  • one or two notes that are sticking

  • one or two notes not playing

  • one or two notes sounding twice when played

  • one or two broken strings in the top half of the piano (usually from F or G below middle C to the top)

  • squeaky pedals

  • pedals not working properly


Major repairs can be anything from changing the tonal quality of the piano, changing the weight of the touch (lighter or heavier touch), cleaning or replacing worn out keys, restringing the piano, regulating the piano (making each note play and feel the same), case work repairs and refinishing, etc.


Tuning fee: £75


If you have any question regarding the state of your piano before booking a tuning visit please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to advise (if a remote analysis is possible.)

Please contact me for more information or to make a booking inquiry.

piano keys

My piano restoration workshop is situated within the Welbeck Estate and is supported by the Harley Foundation.

The workshop is ideal for undertaking many aspects of piano restoration work ranging from action repairs, regulation, re-stringing and French Polishing to full restorations.
Before quoting, an inspection of the piano is recommended. A modest fee is charged for this service which is deducted from the total cost if the project goes ahead. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements or to arrange an inspection visit.


"Having purchased a second hand upright piano recently I was a bit concerned about its tuning stability and action being quite irregular. The initial tuning and action maintenance were carried out by the piano’s original tuner.
I brought in Geoff to take over the tuning and after the first tuning and action tweaking session the piano kept its pitch for much longer and the action was much more regular. Geoff has since tuned the piano again and carried out adjustments to the action and the piano plays really well and keeps holding its pitch. His advice on the humidity of the room turned out to be essential as well. Geoff was punctual, professional and approachable, worked fast and efficiently, but taking full time to make sure the work was done to my satisfaction.
I can not recommend Geoff more highly, he is a tuner and technician of great quality."

Stefan Hofkes, pianist and conductor


tuning for Jools Holland at Thoresby Park


working on the action of a Broadwood piano



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